Permanent Makeup FAQ



1. What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Make Up, also known as permanent cosmetics, refers to the art of implanting pigment into the epidermal layer of the skin. Most common uses of permanent makeup are in correcting eyebrows shape, color, and placement using microblading, bringing the lips to life with natural colors, and making your eyes stand out with permanent eyeliner. 


2. What is the difference between Permanent Makeup and Tatoo?

There is a big difference between Tattooing and Permanent Make Up. Tattooing goes much deeper into the skin while Permanent Make Up stays in the epidermis. The shallow surface application prevents clients from bleeding during their treatments. Permanent makeup will produce much more natural look since the pigment does not spread.


3. How permanent is Permanent?

Permanent makeup usually last 2- 5 years. Some results last less than 2 years or longer than 5 years depending on the client's body chemistry, products used, sun exposure, as well as other conditions that can effect the fading of the pigment.


4. What is the procedure for permanent makeup?

Clients can schedule a consultation to discuse their own expectations and health issues. At the consultation each client will be given a color and design recommendation and learn about aftercare. Once they are scheduled for an appointment clients will undergo a numbing process, design sketching, followed by the Permanent Make Up application. 


5. Does it hurt?

Topical anesthetics are used to minimize discomfort. Although you can still feel the procedure happening, most people feel little to no pain.


6. Can I choose my color and placement?

Yes. Each procedure is customized specifically to the client. The colors offered provide clients with a natural look. Our goal is to enhance your beauty in a way that looks very natural. Your design and preferred placement are discussed and approved by you prior to your procedure.


7. How long does it take?

Each procedure takes no longer than an hour from start to finish. The appointment can take up to 2 hours depending on client questions, comfort and aftercare understanding. We try to give each client enough time to feel good about their treatment and not rushed. 


8. Is it safe?

Safety and sanitation are top priorities. All regulations are strictly adhered to. Our pigments are organic and safe for clients. The superficial application prevents the body’s reaction to rejection of the pigment.


9. What about aftercare?

There will be detailed post care instructions after application. Clients may experience slight swelling, itchiness and redness in the area while the skin heals. These symptoms will subside within couple days. The color tends to appear darker because of scabs, once the scabs fall off, it looks more natural.  


10. How long does it take to recover?

Skin cells need around 28 days to recover.


11. Does it need checkup?

Your treatment will include one follow up appointment about 6 weeks after the initial appointment. This allows for any touch ups or color additions needed. 


12. Can I still wear traditional make up over my permanent make up?

Yes. After waiting 5 days for the skin to accept the organic pigment wearing makeup is safe.   Additional make up is your personal choice and has no reaction with the permanent make up.